Tooele Army Depot ECIP SolarWalls®

Tooele, Utah

E-Corp worked with Conserval, the proprietor of SolarWall, to install approximately 11,250 square feet of solar panel on the walls of 11 buildings and tie these panels into air handling units (AHUs) inside the buildings. The scope of work included the following:
  • Penetrating the wall between the air intake locations
  • Ducting the heated air into the building (using insulated duct) where E-Corp installed a damper and a DDC control system to control the solar-heated air between the two air handling units
  • Installing SolarWalls® on buildings 507, 509, 510, 519, 594, 1236, 1261, 1265, 1267, 1376, and 1400
  • Adding a single-stage and a two-stage SolarWall® system

Despite the project being spread out over a large geographic area, E-Corp successfully installed SolarWalls®  for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).


Through the SolarWall® installation, E-Corp was able to reduce costs for the USACE through efficient cooling. During the summer months, the system is equipped with the ability to vent the heated air to the outside, leaving the inside of the building cool for the workers, saving the USACE money.



E-Corp is currently installing additional SolarWalls® for the USACE at the Defense Distribution Depot at Tracy, California.