Boulder Beach Campground Rehabilitation

E-Corp has completed more than 100 design-build projects. We have developed longstanding relationships with architects and suppliers throughout 13 states. Below are examples of design-build projects we have completed.

National Park Service Boulder Beach Campground Rehabilitation

Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada

E-Corp was contracted to renovate an existing campground at Lake Mead National Recreation Area. This included the demolition of 5 existing restroom facilities, loop roads, campsites, and associated utilities and the construction of 59 new campsites with concrete RV pads, 5 new restroom facilities, 6 new handicap-accessible campsites, and new asphalt roads. This also included installing utilities to the restroom facilities and VIP sites.

This project included the installation of two new primary electrical services. The installation included the following:

  • Two metered main panels and 7 metered subpanels
  • Approximately 2700 linear feet of electrical trenching
  • Eight 30/50-amp RV panels with convenience receptacles
  • Seventeen asphalt road crossings

E-Corp worked with the local park staff and guests to minimize the impact of construction on their daily operations. We made efforts to limit disruptions to the occupied campground facilities adjacent to the project through constant communication with the camp hosts and Park Service staff.

We were also able to do this project without disrupting the environment. The original design called for the demolition of existing trees that were in excess of 80 years old. We worked closely with our design team and the site inspector to find a solution that allowed the intent of the design to be met without harming existing trees. Through our efforts, we were able to save all but one of the trees slated for removal, providing a better environment for the park’s guests.

E-Corp was able to find many areas for improvement in the design and finish of the buildings and RV sites that set us apart from our competitors. We approached the construction from an end user perspective, allowing us to identify areas of improvement for existing facilities on site. This approach received accolades from the local park maintenance staff and management.