NPS Watchman and Sinawava Comfort Stations

NPS Watchman and Sinawava Comfort Stations

Zion National Park, Utah

E-Corp demolished the original comfort station at the Temple of Sinawava and constructed this new comfort station in its place. Located at the top of Zion Canyon, the construction site was very remote and had no power. This posed a challenge for us. To perform construction, we had to work with generator power, as well as hydraulic and powerless heating and equipment.

We also constructed a new comfort station at the Zion National Park Watchman Campground as part of this project. The Watchman Campground turned out to be on swampland. The original site drawings did not include any geo-tests, so E-Corp had to do tests, excavate around the building site, and bring in fill to rebuild the land and make it stable for the new building structure.

Both comfort stations were designed and constructed to meet LEED® Silver and Gold standards. Construction of the comfort stations included recycled floors and recycled wainscot, 100-percent recycled glass tile, 100-percent recycled class countertops, 70-percent recycled partitions, up to 90-percent certified wood, composite shingles, cement fiberboard lap siding, natural stone veneer, energy-efficient light fixtures, hand dryers, and solar tube skylights. To be LEED®-compliant, we also used low emitting materials, such as paints, adhesives, and sealants.

The waterfall you see in the picture is an ephemeral waterfall. These waterfalls don’t last much longer than a few days after a heavy rain.