FAA Dining Room Renovation

FAA Dining Room Renovation

Salt Lake City, Utah

E-Corp performed this renovation at the Salt Lake City Air Traffic Control Center (ARTCC). The Salt Lake City ARTCC is one of 22 area control centers in the U.S. The Salt Lake City ARTCC’s primary responsibility is sequencing and separation of over-flights, arrivals, and departures in order to provide safe, orderly, and expeditious flow of aircraft. The Salt Lake City ARTCC covers airspace in eight states and is one of the busiest and largest air control centers, serving many different airlines, as well as general aviation traffic. Detailed planning and scheduling for this project was crucial to avoid disrupting the FAA’s critical missions.

This project experienced no deviations in quality or performance because of E-Corp's policy of planning each activity weeks in advance, combined with the great teamwork of the local FAA resident engineer. E-Corp also minimized disruptions to facility occupants and daily facility tasks by taking extra precautions, such as working nights and weekends.

The dining room renovation area was classified as a Class-A office space and, as such, required exact attention to quality details to renovate the office space, complete with radius walls and soffits, individual carpet patterns, and eight different paint colors. E-Corp maintained a fast-paced schedule, which was affected minimally by unforeseen site conditions of the 50-year-old structure, such as structural modifications and environmental abatement. We worked with the FAA to resolve these obstacles quickly and cost effectively.

One of the major hurdles in the project was installing new electrical panels and switching power and circuits over from the old panels, all while maintaining power and operations for the critical air traffic activities at the ARTCC. To overcome this challenge, our team completed much of the power distribution portion of the project between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. At completion, E-Corp was proud to present a space deserving of its Class-A designation.