Renovate C-130 Hangars 1 and 2, Building 225

Renovate C-130 Hangars 1 and 2, Building 225

Hill Air Force Base, Utah

Building 225 is Hill Air Force Base’s largest hangar and the home of the maintenance mission for the F-16 and C-130 aircraft. The hangar houses approximately 72 F-16s and 12 C-130 aircraft. The facility was built in 1940, and this was the first major overhaul that the building had received.

Due to the fast military operations tempo, Building 225 was at full capacity. This required careful planning with around-the-clock work schedules to avoid disrupting critical operations. This phase of the renovation covered more than 125,000 feet of floor space with ceiling height varying from 40 feet to 90 feet.

To complete this project, E-Corp demolished four 200-foot trolley crane systems, as well as old electrical and mechanical systems. We also installed new insulated soundboard and cable tray for the building communication system, and we constructed break rooms and storage rooms. Our team painted the entire structure, applying more than 4,000 gallons of paint to ceilings and walls. We tested the concrete floor and repaired significant structural damage and completely installed an epoxy-based flooring system.             

E-Corp demonstrated efficient management and effective quality control by carefully scheduling and communicating with suppliers, subcontractors, in-house workers, building users, and the government project manager in a very short timeframe. Within a month of beginning the contract, we completed 65 percent of the contract and turned over 50 percent of the floor space to the government user. At one point, each construction trade had crews working 24/7. E-Corp also had to coordinate with the facility for the movement of F-16s. As a result, E-Corp completed the project six weeks ahead of schedule. Early completion of the project allowed the critical aircraft maintenance schedules leeway in the scheduling of maintenance space.

The 309th Maintenance Group awarded E-Corp with a group coin for our excellent work. This is the only time the 309th has every given a contractor a group coin.