Historic Fire Station Renovation

E-Corp has completed more than 100 design-build projects. We have developed longstanding relationships with architects and suppliers throughout 13 states. Below are examples of design-build projects we have completed.

Bldg 1151, Historic Fire Station Renovation

Hill Air Force Base, Utah

Building 1151 was constructed in the 1960s and required complete renovation and building upgrades to meet Hill AFB’s mission requirements for fire-fighting capabilities. E-Corp renovated the 3,500 square foot fire station and constructed a new 1,100 square foot fire truck bay with a patio. The renovation included the following:

  • Seismic retrofit to all structural connection of steel, masonry, and concrete
  • Replacement or upgrade of all mechanical, plumbing, communications, and electrical system to comply with current code requirements
  • Installation of a new back-up generator
  • Replacement of insulation, doors, windows, and the roof system
  • Reconfiguring of the interior to provide new restrooms (with showers), sleeping areas, kitchen facilities, an operations center, exercise and recreation rooms, and laundry facilities

AJC architects provided design services for both the renovation and addition to the main fire station. Our team blended the new elements to match the existing style from the 1960s—providing an aesthetically pleasing and mission-functional facility. The newly renovated fire station became the main Emergency Operation Center for the Base. Despite an extremely short timeline, E-Corp and ajc architects completed the project four months ahead of schedule. In 2011, our team received the Air Force Materiel Command Design Merit Award for this project.