About Us

E-Corp, a certified Small Business incorporated in 2002, offers an outstanding record of past performance driven by a corporate culture of integrity, on-time delivery of quality, and client satisfaction. Exceptional performance on every project is our primary object. E-Corp is known as a best value contractor and has built a reputation based on the following:

  • Quality
  • Technical capability
  • Integrity
  • Safety and security
  • Communication
  • Competitiveness
  • Environmental stewardship

E-Corp is an independent contractor capable of standing on our own merits in past performance and capabilities and in providing our own bonding. We have never needed to partner or set up a joint venture with a larger business, eliminating double markups and reducing decision time for clients.

For a list of our NAICS codes, bonding capabilities, and additional company information, click here to view our SBA Profile.


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Our Mission

Our Philosophy

E-Corp is a family-oriented company driven by a culture of honesty, integrity, and respect that creates lasting relationships with our clients, contractors, partners, and own personnel. Our core belief in partnering enables us to exceed customer expectations by delivering all contractual requirements with superior customer service. Through selective growth, E-Corp will continue to be the exceptional standard of a Small Business federal construction contractor. We will continually train and support our employees, empowering them to be the decision-makers on our contracts. We believe in the long-term growth and success of our employees, professionally and personally, because our employees are the foundation on which E-Corp is building a world of difference.


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