Old Faithful Inn Fireplace and Dining Room Renovation

Old Faithful Inn Fireplace and Dining Room Renovation

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

E-Corp completed a historic restoration of the 500-ton, 85-foot fireplace at the Old Faithful Inn at Yellowstone National Park. Built in 1906, the stone fireplace has a 16-foot base and is constructed of volcanic rock, with some of the boulders weighing as much as five tons!

In 1959, an earthquake damaged the chimney, causing rocks in the flue to collapse into the interior of the fireplace. Our role included reinforcing the chimney and restoring it to look like it did in the early 1900s.

To complete the historic restoration, we removed soot that had been stuck on the fireplace for 105 years. We took the metal flue out and went down from the top and cleaned all of the debris down 85 feet into the fireboxes at the bottom. We then opened up the fireboxes, rebuilt flues to the cap, and added new a stainless steel flue up. As we rebuilt the flue from the bottom up, we doweled rebar and reinforcement and grouted everything outside of the flue.

Our historic restoration also included restoring the original seven-foot diameter clock that is mounted on the fireplace, as well as restoring the chimney. (A replica of the clock can be found in our conference room.) To restore the chimney to its original condition, we matched the shingles and the logs surrounding the steel pipe coming out of the rook. We even went as far as matching the way the ends of the logs were cut in their original condition.

We also renovated the dining room. For the dining room, we replaced the wood beam support and the electrical in the ceiling. We also installed a smoke and heat fire alarm detection system, which included strobe lights. Also for the renovation, we replaced and refinished the wood finishes, and we restored and reconnected the original historical lights.