Repair Generator with Auto Transfer Switch

Repair Generator with Auto Transfer Switch (High-voltage Substation)

Hill Air Force Base, Utah

Through detailed planning and strict adherence to schedules, E-Corp completed this design-build project two weeks ahead of schedule on a remote Air Force testing facility that required ultra-high security clearances, as well as daily inspections and check-ins. E-Corp completed the project without any breach in security procedures.

The title the Air Force gave this project—Repair Generator with Auto Transfer Switch (High-voltage Substation)—was misleading from the beginning. While this project at Hill AFB included the replacement of a large back-up power generator, the project mainly involved the demolition and replacement of an existing 4,160-volt substation with a larger 12,470-volt substation, which required the successful planning and completion of two phases. 

The first phase consisted of completing the initial designs and engineering provided by the Air Force. The designs were basic and required the verification of all structural and electrical engineering. Coordinating with the Air Force, E-Corp held monthly design review meetings during the four-month design phase to ensure that the designs and engineering were in line with the Air Force’s needs. The design requirements included full CSI specifications.

We started the installation phase of the project once designs reached the 65-percent stage. Civil excavation was needed to install over 15,000 LF of high-voltage, underground conduit.  Twenty-five individual transformers had to be replaced at the site to handle the increased loads, along with all of the electrical switch gear in the facility supply circuit. We assembled the entire substation infrastructure off site in a warehouse. This allowed us to reduce the schedule by two months in lieu of assembling the substation on site. This also allowed us to test and certify all of the equipment and components in a controlled environment. 

Throughout the entire project, E-Corp maintained careful coordination with the local utility companies. On all of our projects, E-Corp maintains a high level of safety awareness, but the high-voltage demands of this project required special consideration. We augmented weekly safety meetings with daily reminders and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) checks, and we completed the project without any incidents.